Santo Andre (Untinga), Brazil 2006

To increase the number of trees in a nearby neighborhood, Alcoa's Santo Andre location has partner with the local municipality and the Prosperidade Neighborhood Friends Association to donate and plant more than 2,000 trees.

The first planting, which occurred in March 2005, involved students from the local kindergarten and elementary school. The students attended a brief presentation on the importance of trees for the environment and neighborhoods and then received seedlings to plant around the school.

The second planting in October 2005 involved local residents. Each tree was assigned a resident "caretaker," who was identified, along with the tree species, by a card. Caretakers also received a leaflet explaining the details of their tree, such as leaf type, care instructions, and blooming timeframe.

In September 2006, 60 trees were planted along a busy local avenue to create awareness among local companies about the importance of the environment and to involve them in the project.

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