Poços de Caldas, Brazil 2010

Through community events and employee tree-planting activities, the Poços de Caldas facility planted or donated 20,427 native trees in 2010. Major activities during the year included the following:
  • Donated more than 780 seedlings to the participants of the Second Meeting of Social and Environmental Knowledge Symposium, sponsored by the Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Company of Minas Gerais State (EMATER) and the municipal education secretary;
  • Distributed 2,845 trees to employees, interns, and contractors;
  • Planted 4,881 trees in riparian forest areas in two neighborhoods as part of an effort with the city’s Department of Urbanism and Environment to permanently recover preservation areas;
  • To offset 555 metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted through travel and electricity consumption, planted 1,440 seedlings at the plant site; and
  • Planted 40 seedlings at the primary and middle schools in the Park of Nations School District.

The Poços de Caldas facility has planted or donated 321,194 trees since the Ten Million Trees program began in 1998.

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