Poços de Caldas, Brazil 2006

For the past eight years, Alcoa Alumínio's Poços de Caldas location has been working with local municipalities to protect the local water supply through education, infrastructure development, and tree planting.

Sistema Integrado de Proteção dos Mananciais (Integrated Water Supply Sources Protection System), or SIPAM, consists of seven municipalities located in southern Minas Gerais state. Its goal is to sensitize and mobilize rural landowners and manufacturers in regards to water resource protection.

Activities include providing materials for the construction of septic tanks, intake watersheds, fencing for water sources, and other measures that might be required. An environmental education program, aimed primarily at schools, is also part of the group's work. Since joining the project, Poços de Caldas has donated 2,922 seedlings to help in the recovery of water source areas and native forests.

Poços de Caldas is also helping with the recovery of the São Tomé River Basin, working with three local municipalities. The facility has donated 1,454 trees to the effort.

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The first tree planted as part of the program—eight years later.

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The Poços seedling nursery

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Students learning about trees at the Alcoa-Poços Environmental Park