Belaya Kalitva, Russia 2006

Throughout 2006, Alcoa's Belaya Kalitva location donated 2,150 trees for planting by employees, students, community members, and other partners in various parts of the city.

In April, the volunteers planted 650 acacia trees at Karaul Mountain, famous for the historical battles that took place there centuries ago, as well as 1,350 trees in a popular recreational area near the racetrack. During the Alcoa Month of Service in October, the volunteers planted 150 trees and bushes in the city's Solnechny District, initiating the creation of an Alcoa Alley designed by specialists in dendrology (the study of trees).

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Alcoa Belaya Kalitva

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Karaul Mountain

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Near the racetrack

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Solnechny District