Reydarfjordur, Iceland

With the June 14, 2003 planting of the first seedlings in an unspoiled, rugged area of natural Icelandic beauty, Alcoa launched its Ten Million Trees program and began fulfilling a promise to the Reydarfjordur Forestry Association and the people of the local community.

That promise is to provide 2,007 initial seedlings as a symbol of Alcoa starting its new smelter in Reydarfjordur in 2007. The company will also give the local community 450 tree seedlings annually through 2007 as a symbol of the number of future permanent jobs at the smelter. The area to be planted, called the Alcoa Forest by the local residents, is located halfway between the small town and the future smelter location.

Students in the eighth and ninth grades at the Reydarfjordur Compulsory School, along with their parents, planted the trees. The employees of Sólskógar-nursery designed the project. The members of the Reydarfjordur Forestry Association also saw to the preparation and implementation of the planting. The kinds of trees chosen included Downy birch, European mountain ash, Rugosa rose, Koehn's rowan, and Alpine service tree, which fit well in the sometimes harsh climate and rugged area.

"The residents of Reydarfjordur are extremely pleased with Alcoa's contribution to forestry in this community," said Asmundur Asmundsson, chairman of the Reydarfjordur Forestry Association. "This shows that Alcoa has resolved to become an active participant in Fjardabyggd's community affairs. The planting of tree seedlings was taxing but fun for all who took part in it."

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Local schoolchildren help Trevor Adams (left), managing director of the Alcoa Iceland Project, and Asmundur Asmundsson (right), chairman of the Reydarfjordur Forestry Association, plant the first seedlings.