During National Schools Tree Day on July 25, 2003, the students who planted native trees donated by Alcoa on their primary school properties in Pinjarra and Mandurah also planted a stake in the future of Western Australia's sustainability.

"The main aim is to get the children involved in planting trees and shrubs that are native to the local area while helping them understand the importance of building a sustainable environment for future generations to follow," said Melinda Bolt, Alcoa Pinjarra's community relation officer.

Adds Rob Davis, principal of Pinjarra Primary School, "Hopefully from this, the kids will take ownership of the trees and see them grow."

Alcoa's employees in Western Australia also contribute to the sustainability effort of Alcoa's Ten Million Trees initiative during the annual Employee Day of Trees, when each employee receives two seedlings annually to plant at home.

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Dave Olney (left), Pinjarra refinery manager, and Keith Holmes (right), mayor of the City of Mandurah, help Dudley Park year five students Robbie Steffert and Kayleeya Hodder beautify their school on National Tree Day.