Through Alcoa's partnership with the Earthwatch Institute, Alcoa volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside Earthwatch scientists on critical environmental research projects around the world – helping to unlock solutions to some of the biggest sustainability challenges of our time.

In addition to contributing to the knowledge needed to build a sustainable future, this hands-on support for scientific fieldwork provides employees a rich understanding of global environmental challenges and how individual daily behaviors, both at work and at home, can contribute to a more sustainable future.

In 2009, fifteen volunteer employees who will participate in Earthwatch expeditions represent Alcoa’s global business and come from such diverse locations as Juruti in Brazil, Victoria in Australia, Beijing in China, and Indiana in the USA.

They will each spend up to two weeks on expeditions that focus primarily on climate change, global water supply, and sustainability—issues of great importance to Alcoa.

These expeditioners will share their unique experiences through words and photographs posted on their individual diary pages. These pages will become available as they are written throughout the year.

Since 2003, Alcoa’s partnership with Earthwatch has resulted in more than 82 Alcoa volunteer Fellows directly contributing to a more sustainable future and learning how their individual actions impact the global environment.

In 2008 alone, Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows helped collect over 1,100 hours of critical scientific data – from analyzing climate change impact on Australian rainforests to quantifying tourism impact on Belize coral reefs.

Through a range of global and local outreach programs, Alcoa has been at the forefront of community projects that address environmental sustainability for decades.

Since 2006 Alcoa Foundation has invested more than $22 million to inform public policy, build community capacity and awareness, and mobilize individual action on global climate change.

The Alcoa Volunteers program, which also includes the initiatives Make an Impact and Ten Million Trees, encourages and supports Alcoa employees to make a difference, locally and globally.