2016 Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows

Canada: "Climate Change at Arctic's Edge"

Guillaume Poirier
Canada – Baie-Comeau
From this experience, I expect of course to learn more about climate change and its impact on the Arctic, but what I really want to take away from this experience is more focused on my daily life. I want to be more conscious of the environmental impact of small actions in my life every day. Throughout this project, I look forward to talking with the Earthwatch scientists so they can share their incredible knowledge.
Yves Bellemare
Canada – A.B.I. Canada
I want to come back from this project with the knowledge and irrefutable scientist proof of climate change and especially its tangible effects. Then I can better spread awareness with people at work and in my community. The experience of a lifetime!
Perrine Prevel
France – Merxheim
I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in terms of climate evolution, to understand the stakes and to see how I can help on a professional level with Alcoa as well as on a personal level in my daily life.
Zsuzsanna Cserpes
Hungary – Alcoa-Köfém Kft.
This work as field assistant at Earthwatch Institute can help me to have a wider point of view and have several possibilities to protect our environment. My knowledge about these studies will be completed and influenced by really new themes and facts.
Elias Miranda
Brazil – GBS EHS Brazil
I am really excited to start performing our research regarding climate change at the Arctic’s edge. I believe that it will be a wonderful reciprocal learning experience, where I will learn a lot from others, as well as, sharing my experience with other people.
Lisa Blanchard
United States – Pittsburgh
I am excited to work with scientists on climate change research in the field. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of the work in a tangible way.  Of course, being at the edge of the Arctic, I hope I get the chance to see a polar bear or two, or perhaps catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!
Tommy O’Dell
United States – Maryville, TN
I am really excited about gleaning from all the people that I am going to be with from the scientist to my fellow Alcoa workers across the globe. I want to bring back information on how I can take better care of our environment and put ideas to work at home and other areas of the country that I may go to.
Name: Fanya Camarena
Mexico –AWPM, Monterrey
I’m looking forward to get to know the project to learn about Climate Changes in the Arctic Circle and how we will be able to contribute from our location in Churchill, I can’t wait to meet my team and get started with our work to make a difference.
Hong Kong: “Climate Change in Hong Kong Subtropical Forest”
Christine Chu
China – Nantong
I am looking forward to know and work with team from Earthwatch and other fellows from Alcoa. I hope I could help with the research of Earthwatch within one week and next follow-up and learn more about environment and Sustainability.
Temika Maher
Australia – Booragoon
I’m looking forward to seeing the Mai Po marshes, learning all I can about climate change and sustainable practices and I also really look forward to meeting everyone participating in this incredible opportunity!
Aoran Zhang
China – Shanghai
I am excited to work with other fellows, and to explore diversity of the species in the Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve. I look forward to experience the life in the nature reserve and being sheltered from the noise of the modern city.
Andrew Grigg
Australia – Huntly Mine
The chance to meet and learn from Alcoa colleagues from sites across the world, to better understand and appreciate the diversity of issues being faced. I also hope to be able to share my perspectives and experience. I think that the contacts I make will be invaluable as the company continues the path to a new upstream global business.
Victoria Ponomareva
Russia – Moscow
 It is always the pursuit of knowledge that drives me forward in my life. It gives the power to challenge the status quo. So I believe I can look at things that are environment related, at a different angle and see what can be done to change them. I’m also looking forward to be a valid team member and positively contribute to the project. It’s so exciting to meet new people, exchange views and opinions, that will help find inspiration for creative new ideas. So, if I can put it in one word, being a part of the fellowship is a portion of experience to be studied.
Yousef Rabie
United States – Harrisonburg
I am most looking forward to do something outside of my comfort zone and being introduced to a new culture. I also am very excited to be doing something positive for the environment.  I am hoping to gain a lot of learning from this trip.
Libin Huang
China – Shanghai
 I am very excited at this great opportunity! Having been dreaming of being a biologist exploring the secret of nature as a child but being an auditor dealing with secret of numbers in reality, I really look forward to working with scientists to get a close touch and “spy” into the AMAZING nature, and more importantly, learn how we could do to preserve and sustain the environment.
Edmund Mok
China – Hong Kong
I was excited to join this program for sustainability environment. I expect to improve environmental research experience, knowledge and community spirit in practice.
United Kingdom: “Climate Change in Wytham Woods”
Alice Plimmer
United Kingdom – Kitts Green
I am very excited to meet and work alongside fellow Alcoans who share a love for the environment. I am very much looking forward to being able to bring back the valuable lessons I learn in the field to Kitts Green. I also look forward to implementing a scheme that raises awareness of the consequences of climate change and the positive impact we can have if we choose to make a difference.
Irina Gorbunkova
Russia – Moscow
I’m excited to learn about sustainability from Earthwatch experts and to contribute into climate change research. I’m looking forward to working together with scientists and to participating in field tasks, collecting data needed for future analyses. I hope to find new ideas for projects, which can be implemented in Russia.
Terrence Fausnaught
United States – Davenport
I am looking forward to learn more about what we can do to help ourselves and to be a protector of the planet. I would like to share with others my learnings from the Earthwatch Fellowship and to make those learnings a part of my everyday life. To teach others that sustainability is a way of life.
Juan Medina
Spain – Aviles
I am very happy for being part of this expedition, as it will let me learn (and give a little help) about Climate Change, and it will allow me to work together with people from different countries from all around the organization. I’m really looking forward to it!
Aaron Courain
United States – Dover, NJ
I am most excited to learn some of the finer details and intricacies of the environment that I frequently find myself visiting.  I spend a lot of time trail running and mountain biking in all sorts of terrain, but it will be a new experience to slow down and take more of an effort to study and understand some of the finer details of what the forest has to offer.  I hope that this fellowship helps to bring a new perspective to enjoying the outdoors.
Krisztina Nagy
Hungary – Szekesfehervar
I am looking forward to this expedition mostly because I feel the environment issue close to me, and I want to learn more about the roots of the problem, and the possible solutions. I am very happy that I have the chance to work along with scientists on a critical environmental research project. I believe I will know more about what we can do individually to take care of our environment after the expedition, and I think even little actions do count.  I hope my project work will also be successful and raise my colleagues’ consciousness on the problems of our environment, with some possible solutions.
Ingolfur Helgason
Iceland – Fjardaal Smelter
Meet and get to know new people and learn and experience new things. I think it´s very important to learn and understand basic ecosystems on the earth for the modernity and the future. The woods are of course big part of it.
Luciana de Carvalho Maia
Brazil – Juruti
By connecting and sharing experiences with all fellows Alcoans and scientists, I expect to get a rich understanding about how I can make a direct impact in my own workplace and in the local community, increasing our sustainability efforts.
Patrick Plunkett
United Kingdom – Kitts Green

I’m most looking forward to spending the week in the forests gathering information and seeing for myself how the environment is genuinely affected.