2015 Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows

Conserving Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Almudena Sanchez Abajo
Spain - Madrid
I am thrilled by the opportunity that Earthwatch and Alcoa have given me to participate in a learning adventure! The opportunity to make a positive change in this area, not only during the project but also later on in my community is going to be one of the most exciting adventures in my life.

Lora Hayes
USA - Davenport
I am most looking forward to learning how I can help to enrich my communities’ efforts at conservation and sustainability both on personal and professional levels.
Guðmundur Sveinsson
Iceland - Alcoa Fjarðaál
With an educational background in geology and environmental science this is a good opportunity to expand my knowledge in new surroundings.

Gerson Ordaz
Mexico - AWPM - Monterrey
I am very glad of being part of this experience, with Alcoa and Earthwatch for supporting us with this kind of events which remind and reborn in us the sense of new ways to see the life.

Luiz Maia
Brazil - Juruti
I hope that through my participation in the Earthwatch Alcoa Fellowship program I am able to learn good sustainability practices to apply directly to my work environment and in areas adjacent to the communities we’re close with.
Espero com a participação no programa da bolsa do  Earthwatch aprender boas praticas de sustentabilidade para aplicar no meu ambiente de trabalho e nas áreas das comunidades adjacentes.
Wilsimara C. Legutke
Brazil - Pocos de Caldas
Being a part of this expedition will open my mind to new opportunities and ideas on environmental conservation and sustainability. The fellowship will be essential for Alcoa’s sustainability goals and for my community, personal life and in the workplace.
Fazer parte desta expedição irá abrir minha mente para novas oportunidades e ideias sobre preservação do meio ambiente e sustentabilidade. O processo será essencial para o resultado final e a aplicação na vida pessoal, na comunidade e no ambiente de trabalho.
Denise R. Filgueiras
Brazil - Utinga
Looking forward to acquire greater knowledge about environmental issues and sustainability, without forgetting the social aspect, and also being able to share this experience with others. I want to encourage others to adopt a conscious behavior by enagaging in environmental sustainability actions, because the greater the number of people with a sustainable consciousness, the longer we can guarantee the existence of the humans on the planet.
Eu estou realmente feliz de adquirir maior conhecimento sobre as questões ambientais e de sustentabilidade, conseguir dedicar um tempo efetivo em ações concretas que irão influenciar positivamente o cenário ambiental atual e, além disso, sem esquecer a parte social que anda em conjunto com essas questões, conseguir compartilhar essa experiência com outras pessoas, tanto na minha vida pessoal, quanto na profissional, incentivando-as a adotarem um comportamento ambiental consciente propagando a sustentabilidade, pois, quanto maior o número de pessoas com uma consciência sustentável, mais tempo podemos garantir a existência da espécie humana no planeta.
Eder Fernando Serejo de Castro
Brazil - Alumar
I understand that sustainable actions give us new ways to minimize the impacts we cause to the environment and thus reduce the dangers we impose on the planet. Participating in the program will add more knowledge about sustainability while propelling me to develop and disseminate new sustainable practices to preserve the environment.
Entendo que ações sustentáveis nos proporcionam encontrar novas formas de minimizar os impactos que causamos ao meio ambiente e, deste modo, reduzir os perigos que impomos ao nosso planeta. Participar do Alcoa Earthwatch me agregará maiores conhecimentos sobre sustentabilidade ao passo que me impulsionará a desenvolver e disseminar,  novas práticas sustentáveis de modo a preservar o ambiente.


Wildlife in the Changing French Pyrenees

Evan Bowden
USA - Kawneer-Harrisonburg
I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel to a foreign part of the world and experience the natural beauty of the Pyrenees, and I plan on racking up as many miles onto my boots as I can during my fellowship!

László Völgyi
Hungary - Alcoa-Köfém Kft.
I am very excited to get personal impression about the wild life of this area, and understand better the deeper correlation how we can protect them for the next generations!

Freya Phillips
UK - AFSR Redditch
I am looking forward to getting involved in this year’s project in France as it will allow me to develop my personal awareness and experiences of Alcoa’s link to the environment. 

Rebekka Rán Egilsdottir
Iceland - Alcoa Fjarðaál
It is our responsibility to make sure our planet stays safe and researching climate change is certainly one way of helping us understand what is happening. I’m looking forward to going to France and working with scientists and meeting people who share the same interest in our nature.

Philippe Jandot
France - Saint Cosme en Vairais
This is a wonderful opportunity for Alcoa to partner with Earthwatch Institute so we can understand current climate change issues, their effects on our environment and the solutions that we can provide at all levels.
C’est une chance et une belle opportunité pour nous qu’Alcoa s’associe à Earthwatch Institute pour nous permettre de comprendre les phénomènes actuels, leurs effets sur notre environnement et les solutions que nous pouvons apporter à tout niveau. Travailler avec des scientifiques au sein d’un site naturel est une idée qui m’a énormément motivé ; je souhaite m’investir pleinement dans ce projet et devenir un relais pour mes collègues, amis et famille.

Nathalie Dion
Canada - Deschambault
Participating in an Earthwatch expedition will be an opportunity for me to keep this passion alive. It is a chance to go beyond myself, to exchange, to imagine, and to learn more about the impact of climate change so that I can share it with others.
Lorsque j'ai choisi de travailler en environnement, mon désir était de participer activement à la protection de notre planète.
Participer à Earthwatch sera pour moi une occasion en or de nourrir cette flamme qui m'habite. L'occasion de me dépasser, d'échanger, de visualiser, d'en apprendre davantage sur l'impact des changements climatiques pour ensuite pouvoir partager. 

Claude Trottier
Canada - Deschambault
By contributing to research, I can grow from this experience and share what I’ve learned with my community and Alcoa branch.
Et par le fait même  aider du mieux que je peux à réaliser les recherches de votre organisme le connaitre pour pouvoir revenir grandi de cette expérience et la communique à mon entourage et usine.

Valerie Chaut
France - Alcoa Europe Commercial
I am privileged and grateful for representing Alcoa and contributing to the preservation and sustainability of the planet for the benefit of our future generations.

Monitoring Climate Change Refugia on St. Bees Island, Australia

Salim Qazi
USA - Malaga
I strongly believe in living within our means while respecting the natural world. This project will give me a broader understanding about what effect our everyday lives have on our habitats. With the knowledge acquired through this expedition, I will be able to measure more accurately human actions in regard to sustainable development and its impact on critical ecosystems of the Earth.

Olivia Cseri
Hungary - Szekesfehervar
Participating in this research trip will allow me to observe the environmental conditions - under the impact of the climate change- endangered species, like koalas, how they behave, how they live in their natural habitat, what their future holds.

Matthew Dinardo
USA - Alcoa Corporate Center
I am looking forward to becoming deeply connected with the environment and working with leading scientists on life-changing research. I hope to educate and motivate others to be aware and to get involved in helping to shape the environmental future of this planet.

Megan Smith
Australia - Huntly Minesite
I expect to gain a deeper understanding of the effects of climate change on island habitat, and develop my field research skills by contributing to the set-up of a new Earthwatch project. I’m excited to share knowledge and ideas about sustainability and the role that Alcoa can play on a global scale.

Shani Sperinck
Australia - Technology Delivery Group
I am looking forward to the opportunity to be involved with and aid in world-class sustainability research and to work alongside researchers who are passionate about their work.

Eva Deng
China - Alcoa Wheel Products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
I expect to gain profound knowledge about the importance of sustainable development and ecosystem environment protection, better understand the environmental issues and challenges we are facing. I also expect to bring back and distribute the knowledge and good practices learnt to my local colleagues and communities.

Peter Hayman
Australia - Portland, Victoria
To be invited to contribute towards a greater understanding of how our environment is being affected by climate change is a tremendous privilege that I am very much looking forward to.

Luisa Chinchilla
USA - AWTP - Cleveland
I look forward to seeing the effects of climate change first hand and to work with the Earthwatch scientists. As temperatures rise in the region, our research will help develop the new land management practices, I’m excited to be a part of it.

Vikas Singhal
India - Delhi
I feel connected with this programme as Earth is being considered as a mother in my country and we all have to work and understand the reasons for climate change and issues associated with that. With this Earthwatch fellowship I perceive the better understanding of various environmental issues which will help me to equip to prevent any unconscious damage to the environment and contribute in restoring the eco-system.