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The Adventure Ends But The Learning Continues

Day 6: November 13, 2015 
By Matt Dinardo, Salim Qazi and Eva Deng
Today we went to Honeymoon Bay on St. Bees Island. We hiked up a steep hill side to arrive at the research field. On the way we continued to see the local wildlife, including two koalas. Once again, it was another sweltering hot and humid day which continued to make this assignment a challenge. Once we arrived at our predetermined location, we set up three more plot areas, similar to the past three days. Based on the previous days gained knowledge and experiences, our team was able to work very efficiently with minimal direction.
While accessing the plotting sites, we passed through a previous research area where fire was used to control the landscape. In this area, we observed brand new vegetation had sprouted known as grass trees. Additional wildlife such as wallabies and various birds were viewed in their natural habitat.
While on this site we were able to take advantage of the splendid scenic views. We travelled further up from the research site to the top of the hill, which contains enormous rocks. From these rocks, we were able to get a 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean and the nearby islands within. There aren’t words to describe the calming and peaceful feeling that overcame each one of us as we fully took in nature’s beauty.
We transitioned from the field to the classroom to spend time working on our individual sustainability action projects. We developed an initial work plan that we shared with one other member of the team for feedback purposes. Afterwards, we then presented our work plans to the entire team over a five-minute timeframe. While presenting, the rest of the team provided constructive questions for each of us to consider as we continued to develop our individual projects.
After sharing our last meal together, each member of the team, including the scientists and facilitator, shared our thoughts, feelings, and takeaways from both the day’s activities and the entire week. We had similar discussions each night after dinner, but today was especially meaningful and heartfelt because this was our last opportunity to share our experiences. Afterwards, we finished our last evening together with a slide presentation recapping the highlights and special moments of the week, as well as a review of the initial output of the data collected during the week.
In conclusion, we hope everyone that reads our blogs from this past week are inspired to go out and contribute to making the world a more sustainable place.  THE END.
Prior forest management control area sprouting new grass trees.
No words necessary
Salim and Eva presenting their work plans to the team.


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