Meet the 2014 Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows!

TEAM 1: Brazil - August 24-30
Talita Correa - Brazil
"Knowing that I was selected for the program was an honor and a huge surprise. Besides being part of a scientific expedition and visiting of the most threatened biomes in the country, I will have the opportunity to learn and bring back to our community and workplace new ways of promoting conservation and sustainability."
Vivian DeMartino – Michigan, United States
"Being chosen for the Brazil Expedition is one of the most exciting things to ever happen to me.  I am looking forward to every aspect of this trip.  I would like to increase my knowledge of sustainability and share that in a meaningful way with my community and especially with the local schools.  Everyone can make a difference.  I hope to learn a lot while on this expedition and use what I learn to develop an action plan for sustainability in my community."
Felipe Martínez Rodríguez -Spain
"I have always found interesting the partnership between Earthwatch Institute and Alcoa Foundation because it gives Alcoa employees the opportunity to work with scientists on environmental projects and to increase the understanding of environmental and sustainability issues.  I also believe that it will be a fantastic experience both personally and professionally, to learn about scientific research and to connect with Alcoa colleagues from around the globe."
Anthony Moore II – Pennsylvania, United States
"I’m honored to have been selected for the Alcoa Earthwatch Fellowship and look forward to building relationships with fellow Alcoans from across the world while participating in research that will preserve our environment for generations to come. I have always had a passion for research, traveling and preserving the environment for future generations. This program would give me the opportunity to pursue all three passions in one exciting week! I would like to have the opportunity to create and implement programs at Kawneer Cranberry to positively impact our community both from an environmental and community beautification perspective."
Deise Nishimura - Brazil
"I'm so excited to participate in the Earthwatch program as I'll be able to get in touch with nature and be part of a great conservation project. As a biologist, I'm particularly enthusiastic about this project as the Atlantic Rainforest is one of the biodiversity hotspot in the world. I'm sure this project has a great impact on the conservation of this fragile biome. As I started to work at the Sustainability department this year, I'll be able to link all the indicators I've been monitoring in the office, with the real impact these have in the environment."
Hayda Celeste Reis – Brazil
"I would like to say that it was an incredible feeling to find out that I was selected for the Alcoa Earthwatch Program, it is a dream come true to be part of such an important expedition on behalf of the company, after this, hopefully there will be other opportunities to expand my knowledge."
Carlos Henrique Silva – Brazil
"I was very excited with the news. I have always encouraged friends and organizations where I participate on ACTION and Bravo to have a sustainable attitude and replicate the knowledge to others when possible. With this opportunity, I will have the pleasure of living with people who are of the same mindset, share ideas and getting to know more of our amazing Brazilian fauna and flora."
Izabella Vas – Hungary
"When I started working at Alcoa, I was delighted to hear about thier many global efforts for a healthier and greener environment. I applied for the Alcoa Earthwatch Sustainability Fellowship because during my college years I always enjoyed taking an active role in experiments. I enjoy research work including work with nature, work in the laboratory like measurement and calculation.  I expect to work hard, to push my limits during the expedition. By taking part in the fellowship, I hope I can showcase my abilities and support my country and Alcoa environmental efforts."
TEAM 2: Canada - September 14-20
Christopher Branch – Australia
"From the experience of participating in an Earthwatch fellowship, I expect to have a greater understanding of environmental and social sustainability and understand how I can personally make a difference in these areas. The Earthwatch fellowship will aid me develop the required knowledge in the area of sustainability and help develop a network of likeminded Alcoans who I can use to share ideas."
Christine Dubois – Canada
"I'm really concerned about environment and people health which is directly connected to environment protection like air quality. Participating in Earthwatch will be an opportunity for me to take concrete action and see the environment more than just its industrial side."
Sonu Kumar – India
"I have very high hopes from this experience. I believe, through this fellowship I will be able to observe and work hands-on on various environmental issues which will help me perceive the better understanding of the environmental sustainability and in turn get better equipped to prevent any unconscious damage to the environment and contribute to restoring the ecosystem. I also expect that the interaction with people from different countries and cultures will provide me a greater appreciation of diversity and others’ point of view."
Dennis Lewis – Pennsylvania, United States
"I would expect to gain a complete understanding of environmental and sustainability issues, their impact and different perspectives of how to minimize these issues. I hope to take this knowledge home and teach my family, friends and community how they too can make a difference."
Kevin McKnight – Pennsylvania, United States
"I want to enrich my understanding of the significant field work that is essential to the advancement of science in sustainability. I believe I will learn a great deal in terms of the work that goes in to developing good science around sustainability and I believe I can use that learning and apply that learning in my role as I lead my organization and the Alcoa accountability more broadly."
Arne Rossberg – Germany
"Since I made the decision to study mechanical engineering, I feel responsible to contribute with my work to ensuring an improved eco-balance. Every contribution I can make to improve the environment and to understand the impacts and interaction of our decisions better makes total sense to me. In this context, participating in the Earthwatch program is one important puzzle-piece."
Jayne Shuker – Australia
"I would love to build my knowledge of climate change impacts and developments in sustainability relating to ecological systems worldwide, in order to share this knowledge and personal experience of an Earthwatch expedition with my fellow coworkers. I also believe an Earthwatch expedition would be an amazing way to see a beautiful part of the world, meet and get to know a diverse range of people, whilst building my field research skills."
Eva Maria Vinuelas Harte – Switzerland
"I believe sustainability is a critical value for individuals and companies to understand and apply.  I expect to learn and get those around me excited about developing sustainable habits. If we want to preserve the natural reserves of our planet and the quality of life of future generations, it’s time for each one of us to act even at a small level."
Lindsey Wharton – United Kingdom
"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with the scientists on the ground and to see firsthand the impact our actions are having on the environment.  It is our responsibility to look after the earth for future generations and as a member of the Scout Association for over 40 year we teach them about recycling, sustainability and the environment and this experience can only enhance my own knowledge to pass on to them."
TEAM 3: France - September 28 - October 4 
Farit Kamalov – Russia
"Joining the Alcoa Earthwatch Sustainability Fellowship is a great opportunity to be useful to society, to go beyond the everyday. It is the best way to understand the world and its needs. It is an opportunity to learn new responsibilities that everyone should take to improve his life and life of his community and society.  I am sure that experience and knowledge that i will gain during the expedition will help me to fulfil these goals."
Jane Lee – China
"The values of Alcoa that have attracted me the most are Alcoa’s dedication and devotion to EHS. I am continuously carrying on these values. I feel the need of learning and gaining more new knowledge of EHS practice in other countries. I would like to bring it back some examples of these practices from other countries to strengthen our China practice."
Francois Payen – Canada
"I would like to learn as much as possible to increase my versatility at Alcoa. Additionally, I have an aptitude for scientific research and I would like to support activities that aim to contribute to the well-being of the environment for the future of all, especially our children. I want to be among those at Alcoa who would like to make a difference by helping prevent environmental harm. I want to work with a team to mobilize the world to work individually and collectively to protect our planet, our ecosystem, and our endangered habitats and species. I hope to learn a lot and share my experiences with others who take part in the program. I think that this experience will allow me to bring all that I learn to Lake Charles and elsewhere. I want to be an ambassador for change for the protection of our planet for Alcoa. These changes will start with me and I hope that I can influence others to do the same."
Jose-Philippe Pereira – France
"Climate change is a subject that we are all concerned about. Participating in this experience will allow me to take the first steps in the direction of conservation and sustainability. It will also allow me to understand the impact that climate change has on the environment and make changes necessary to fight against climate change. Learning and working with people from different cultures for a common goal will benefit positive change. It is for all of these reasons that I want to actively contribute to the preservation of the environment."
Anaïs Rabaud – France
"I have always been very committed and concerned by environmental problems. There are two reasons I hope to participate in this program: it would be an incredible professional experience and it would be an enriching personal experience. The opportunity to exchange views and coordinate with scientists and Alcoa employees on current issues will be very educational, especially the opportunity to learn more about the development of practices that improve the environment."
Sylvie Rapin – France
"I want to participate in this program to discover the work that a scientific group conducts in the field and to take action in a research program for the environment."
Loni Rhodes – Iowa, United States
"Being in the Earthwatch fellowship program will allow me to learn and grow as a person personally and professionally and to be a better steward of the Earth globally. Working with other Alcoans and scientist in a different geographic area of the world would allow me to be exposed to environmental and sustainably issues. My gain is learning and being able to use that knowledge to make better decisions that impact the community and Alcoa’s business into the future."
Nigel Simpson – Jamaica
"With this fellowship, I expect to gain invaluable exposure to sustainability programs by working outside of my home country alongside experienced scientists while becoming more knowledgeable of global environment issues. It will also provide the opportunity to gain practical environmental research experience, procedures and practices employed in more developed countries.   As a member of Jamalco’s Mine Services team which oversees the reclamation, rehabilitation and certification of mined out deposits; this experience will enhance my ability to provide a more meaningful contribution to environmental sustainability efforts."