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Mangroves of Kenya, 11 years on

Since 2004 the Earthwatch project at Gazi Bay, Kenya has been joined by over 250 individuals from 48 different countries on 26 teams. We have made important advances in mangrove science, have raised thousands of dollars for local development and have launched the world's first community based mangrove conservation project to be accredited for the sale of carbon credits -

We are extremely proud of the work happening in Gazi Bay and of the ongoing impacts and benefits to the community and the environment, but are always looking for ways to improve and to learn from what we are doing. We are now undertaking research to understand the personal impact of being involved as a volunteer with this work. The Mangroves of Kenya project has involved a wide range of participants in its research – members of the public, emerging scientists, corporate fellows, teacher fellows and local stakeholders – so this represents a good opportunity to understand 'citizen science' both on this project and beyond.

You are invited to participate in research, titled: Impact of Participation on the Earthwatch Project Mangroves of Kenya. This study is being done by Earthwatch Institute and Edinburgh Napier University. The purpose of this research study is to understand the impact on volunteers of participation in this Earthwatch project. If you agree to take part, please complete the online survey. This survey asks about your experience in Gazi, the things you learned, the impact the experience had on you; it will take you approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Your answers will be anonymous and you will not be identified in any material made public. We will seek to contact a number of you for further questions and to delve a little deeper into your answers. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time. You are free to skip any question that you choose. If you have any questions concerning this research project please contact Sarah Staunton-Lamb at By undertaking the survey you are indicating that you are at least 18-years-old, have read and understood what is involved and agree to participate in this research study.

All those responding to the survey will be entered into a drawing, to receive a genuine piece of Gazi Bay craftsmanship, supporting the local community and providing you with a great keepsake of your time in Kenya.

Thank you again for your contribution to the important work at Gazi Bay and in anticipation for your help with this research.

Professor Mark Huxham (PI Mangroves of Kenya)
Sarah Staunton-Lamb (Learning Manager - Future Leaders, Earthwatch Institute)


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