Meet the 2013 Alcoa Earthwatch Fellows!

TEAM 1: Brazil - August 18-24
Solange Alencar - Brazil
"Receiving the news that I was selected is an important achievement to enrich my knowledge and be part of a group of people who care about the environment and the future of our children. I hope to return with new experiences to share with colleagues and my community, because I believe that only in understanding nature’s background can you then learn to respect it."
Raquel Antonio - Brazil
"I knew that the participant’s responsibility and task of sharing this knowledge was great, but the joy of having that opportunity and the immensity of this cause outweighs all! I am very excited to experience all that the expedition will give us, even more to bring my learnings to the Company’s day to day functions!"
Marcos Dias - Brazil
"My expectation in this program is to have the opportunity to experience and learn about this very important topic that is sustainability and with this knowledge I can pass this new life experience forward. When we talk about learning in general, we are talking about personal enrichment, but also we can become professionals when we put everything we learned into practice, and in return this practice will help us to grow professionally."
Melissa Falcone - Washington, United States
"I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this amazing program. I am eager to learn more about the issues facing our environment and how each one of us can make a direct impact to improve the conditions. The knowledge I gain through this experience will undoubtedly help me to make a difference in my community."
Pablo Cesar Castillo Figueroa - Mexico
"In Mexico we do not have even an acceptable culture about sustainability. We are using up our natural resources in an uncontrolled manner. At work I have had the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of sustainability."
Carlos Oliveira - Brazil
"I hope to know different places, people and cultures. I understand that my participation will contribute to my personal development in the form of better interaction with the enviromental issues where I live. Professionally, I will be able to apply the knowledge at my work and in my community by building a better world."
Russell Peck - Ohio, United States
"This is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than life; an experience which combines culture and history, while studying various portions of global changes. This will be a great fellowship, learning more about sustainability and how the information gathered will help communities and businesses back home."
Sydia Williams - Jamaica
"I anticipate the learnings and experience from this expedition as I aim to gain knowledge relating to sustainable development, environmental monitoring and management. By achieving this I will be able to contribute more to our Company's efforts under the Biodiversity and Action Plan program. This will support my goal of improving environmental awareness, which will eventually contribute to sustainable development and land preservation."
TEAM 2: China - September 1-7
Mark Adlam - Iowa, United States
"I have always enjoyed the outdoors and know how fragile and easily affected some habitats are. I hope to learn more about the corporate and global communities’ efforts and management directions of our natural ecosystem. To be a part of such an important scientific experience is a great opportunity to personally learn firsthand and gain a solid foundation of knowledge to help me to act locally."

Patrice Bolatre - Canada
"Close contacts with scientists working in the field will provide me a better understanding of the relationship between human activities and nature. With the knowledge acquired in this expedition, I will be more able to accurately measure my actions in regard to sustainable development."

Ellen Dempsey - California, United States
"I've always been intrigued by how our ecological systems work and how to improve our management of those systems. I expect to gain a greater understanding on Alcoa's stand in global sustainability and a greater understanding of the risks that fragile ecosystems highlighted in the program are under due to climate change. I also hope to gain a respect for these areas and a greater commitment to making changes in collaboration with others in my own community to increase our sustainability efforts."
Jinxia Gong - China
"Pollution and a fragile environment reminds us to pay more attention to the Earth. I look forward to learning more about the importance of sustainability. We are the host of Earth, and we have liability to protect our Earth."
Lisa (Xia) Li - China
"I hope to learn and understand more about the development and changes of environment. I can have first-hand experience through my participation and experience in the Earthwatch expedition. I will promote environmental protection at work and in the community."
Camelia Scheul - United Kingdom
"With this opportunity, I will have the tools and skills to carry the ideas and environmental actions forward to others. I will be able to invest back into the Company I work for, to bring back the research findings that will help not only Alcoa or myself, not only the students that I will aim to educate environmentally, but society overall in sustaining our finite natural resources and the environment for generations to come."
Geoffrey Tindall - Australia
"Having grown up watching David Attenborough documentaries, such an expedition will be like ‘living the dream’. It will be a tremendous opportunity to learn about how climate scientists collect and validate their data, giving a greater appreciation of what is and what is not known in that field."
Wendy (Wenjuan) Wang - China
"Working with the scientists and researching nature will be a wonderful journey. I will gain some fresh ideas and new knowledge from this expedition. The experience will make me have a rich understanding of environment challenges and sustainable future."
Eric (Dexin) Zhou - China
"We all live in the unique Earth. It is our responsibility to love our Earth."
TEAM 3: Canada - September 15-21
Yousef Al Mutawa - Saudi Arabia
"The environment is our Mother Nature, providing food, health and wealth, so it is very important to protect and preserve it in the most proper manner. It is a great opportunity to be a major contributor in preserving the environment. By utilizing both academic knowledge and experience, I hope to understand the sustainability concept, and communicate the same to the team and to the local authority to their responsibilities and roles toward successful implementation of such program in my country."

Marc Beauchesne - Canada
"With participants of various origins, it is human plurality that comes to the rescue of the natural biodiversity in all its forms. Learning new practices will give me the ability to bring them back in my community. Fighting to build a sustainable future - it is a humble contribution that I want to share with you and Earthwatch Alcoa!"

Anna Maria Drasliaki - Germany
"New things will show us how to protect the environment, so that we will give "our" children a better tomorrow and enable them to enjoy Earth. I expect to realize the connection between Alcoa's operations globally and the issues of climate change and sustainability. The impact that our industry can have on local communities and ecosystems is of great interest to me."

Naomi Homison - Pennsylvania, United States
"A life-long love of nature has led me to incorporate sustainability and environmental awareness into all of my undertakings on both a personal and professional level. I am excited to further my knowledge of the environmental effects of global warming by visiting the edge of the melting perma-frost and studying how this directly affects our planet. I am even more thrilled to bring this knowledge back in order to enrich my community through the implementation of a sustainable project!"

Béla Horváth - Hungary
"Dramatic changes in the climate worry me because it has also appeared in my country. The transition from winter to summer is getting shorter and starting to disappear in the last few years. I would like to understand the background of those changes and I would like to do something against it. I'm going to share the knowledge and experiences that I can gain in this Earthwatch expedition with my family, my colleagues and of course with as many people in my local community as possible."

Anne Jahr - Norway
"I believe dialogue and awareness is the first step on the ladder to change. My professional goal is to become a better ambassador for sustainability issues. On a more personal level, I want to gain perspective through interacting with people from other countries and cultures, to understand their view of and approach to sustainability issues."

Gerardo Puente Malo - Spain
"Stopping global climate change is one of the greatest challenges nowadays. I hope to learn a lot and pass along the motto “Think global, act local”. I will be part of a multidisciplinary team, which will be composed by different cultures and personalities, helping me to further develop my team skills."

Thessa Peterhof - Suriname
"I’m sure that this expedition will be an ideal vehicle for personal learning which will bring relevance, depth and challenge to my development in the field of environmental sustainability. I’m very eager to be part of this program and assist the scientists as part of a multicultural team to battle the challenges of climate change. The knowledge gained will be practiced and shared, so I can help make a difference to work towards a more sustainable future."

Thorsteinn Sigurlaugsson - Iceland
"I am always enthusiastic about meeting new people, seeing and experiencing new places, and learning new things about nature and myself. This project will give me a broader understanding about what effect our everyday lives have on our habitats and will help me in deciding for myself what actions I can take to help with sustainability and evaluate arguments when reading and discussing environmental issues."

Andrey Trembach - Russia
"I am delighted to join a wonderful global team of Alcoa ambassadors who take active part in research and solving of environmental issues. I’ll do my best to make a contribution in great deal and promote valuable experience which will benefit the Earth and wildlife. May we leave future generations a world better than the one we were given."