Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 4: Close encounter


Today's blogger: Mike Rowan

Today we went back to the to the Gazi mangroves. I let Sandra borrow my coat because I was confident that it would not rain, but I was wrong. We had a pretty heavy shower, but it was quite beautiful in many ways standing in the pouring rain under the mangroves. After the rain it got very hot and steamy while we collected biomass data. The tide was too high for us to complete our mud sample work this morning so we planned to return in the afternoon. While walking back we came across a large troop of baboons at the edge of the mangroves. I was in front of our walking train and when I came out of the palm trees I came face to face with a big baboon. About the size of a large dog, he quickly turned and took off into the mangroves along with all the others. Hermissi tells us that the baboons are frightened of people and would be in the area trying to collect coconuts, which they are able to break open the very hard shell and eat.  


Love this photo. Touching.

Mary | Posted Fri 06 Aug 2010 11:42AM

What a great photo Rowan, entertaining the locals - love it! Sounds like a real adventure - gettin all muddy, and working hard. keep up the good work Rowan - onya. from all of us back at work

Kerrie | Posted Mon 09 Aug 2010 7:33AM

Missing the next postings, did the Baboons get cha? Missing you Mike,very proud,can not wait until your return home!

Julie Cribbs | Posted Mon 09 Aug 2010 11:20AM

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Sounds like you are all doing some terrific research, soaking up the local culture and having a brilliant time. I think you should all feel very proud of the work you have undertaken, and I look forward to seeing the photos when you return to the office Lise! Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe.

Nicci | Posted Wed 11 Aug 2010 8:36AM

Hey Rowan - great to see the travel guitar getting a work out!

Rochelle | Posted Wed 11 Aug 2010 8:37AM

Glad to see and read that the team is having a great time and hopefully making a difference. We in Aussie can only dream about the experiences that you are all having and sharing. Congratulations and have a safe final week

Graeme Norton

Graeme Norton | Posted Wed 11 Aug 2010 8:38AM