Tidal Forests of Kenya

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July 31: First post from Kenya

 Today's blogger: Colleen Kredell

On day one of Team III Tidal Forests of Kenya, we were lucky enough to have the majority of our group happen across each other in downtown Mombasa. Together we traveled through the streets of Old Town  Laundry_time  Mombasa visiting Fort Jesus, trying Swahili coffee, and negotiating the narrow pathways of market stalls. Though our guide books made Vasco de Gama’s well out to be a somewhat magical experience; in reality, it was not much more than a graffiti-covered cave encasing a laundry well. We met up with the complete team at our rendezvous point and loaded up gear and team into our van to head across the busy Likoni ferry to the South Coast. On the way, we passed bustling street stalls and markets selling everything from phone credit to car batteries, fruit and bed frames. The views were gorgeous but sometimes marred by the smell of burning rubbish. We finally arrived at our home for the next eleven days: Gazi Village. Over dinner, we discussed our hopes and expectations for the trip:

Mombasa_market  Lisa (Alcoa Anglesea): I am hoping that this is a life changing experience which may change the way I look at life back home.

Randall (Alcoa Warrick): I hope to learn different techniques in Earthwatch’s planting system that I can migrate back to my home garden and farm. 

Aifan (Alcoa Asia Pacific – Beijing): I hope to make new friends with the people in the team and the community. 

Mike (Alcoa Howmet – Whitehall): My hope is to learn about mangroves and their carbon sequestration and how it relates to global warming. 

Rowan (Community Fellow - ): I’m hoping to make a contribution to the restoration project and add value to and learn from the local Gazi community as well.

Market_goods  Colleen (Community Fellow – Pew Center on Global Climate Change): I’m looking forward to learning more about the role of mangrove ecosystems in carbon sequestration and to meeting and learning from my Earthwatch team and the Gazi community. 

Sandra (Alcoa Fastening Systems, Carson, CA): My hope is to open my eyes a little wider to the environmental issues that we are facing and also to learn how to start to make a difference, to start changing the way we live in order to face those challenges.

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