Tidal Forests of Kenya

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August 10: Goodbye, Kenya!

On this, our final day of Earthwatch, Team 3 shared some final thoughts before heading home:

Lisa Mills  Lisa Mills: Words really can’t describe the things I have experienced in Kenya. If I try to put it into words, I would say I have experienced culture, religion, history, education, kindness, friendship, delicious food, and strange smells. What a trip! Kwaheri, Gazi.

Liu_2  Aifan Liu: I can’t believe that we’re leaving already. There’s still a lot of work to do – more trees to plant, more plots to measure… come on, new volunteers!

Kim_face  Sandra Kim: Jambo! I am overwhelmed with emotion this morning. I have not only learned so much, but I have also made friends. I want to thank Martin, Kairo and their team for opening my eyes, for teaching me so much and making my experience great. This trip has left and imprint on my life!!

Mike_cribbsMike Cribbs: Wow! What a trip. It is hard to believe that the end is here. The days were long, filled with hard work, great meals and lots of soaking in of the local culture. I will miss the “team”, the village and its people but am anxious to get back to my family.

Rowan in IndoRowan Mackenzie: Awesome experience – far exceeded my expectations. Hard work at times but very rewarding – beautiful mangroves, beautiful Kenyan people and great Earthwatch Team to share this journey with. I have received so much from this and hope that I’ve contributed in a small way to making the world a little better. 

Randy photos 004Randall Hamilton: What an experience! I was overwhelmed by the joyful attitude of the entire village. Being able to aid the scientists on such an essential project was very gratifying. Lifelong friends have been made and a greater appreciation of the human spirit worldwide. Fantastic journey. 

Colleen Kredell: I knew that coming to Kenya for this trip would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I couldn’t have possibly dreamed of it being this great. From the Earthwatch and KMFRI teams to the people of Gazi and everyone in between that we met, I will forever be indebted for both their generosity and willingness to share knowledge and culture. I will be back, and next time with diving boots and better Swahili. Asante sana, Kenya!

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