Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 12: Mahoe count done -- time for a swim!

We made it! This is what we all keep repeating to ourselves. We left on our first (and now we know, easiest) mission to count the Mahoe trees on the West Bank. We got through with this part of the challenge amazingly quickly, having counted over 300 trees in less than an hour, but the toughest was yet to come.  Team_finished  From there we started to a trail that took us about one hour on a strenuous path, mostly downhill, that led us to a natural swimming hole. Getting there, all of the most courageous of us jumped off a five-meter rock cliff and we all delighted ourselves in the water and on the rocks under the sun. Coming back was indeed the greatest challenge: a very steep hike up the trail which took us about two hours to get back to our home base Las Casa de la Selva. What motivated us was the excitement about the salsa class we are having tonight ... and a shower. (View a video of the team hiking to the swimming hole.)

 Today's blogger: Maria Rita Villela