Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 13: A good day for frogs and scorpions

Today's blogger: Ruslan Butovsky

Great day, as we finally were switched from botany to zoology (I am a Professor in zoology). In the local secondary forest the frogs and lizards are overabundant and the number and diversity of birds is limited. No one is sure how the forest looked when it was a primary forest, since this type is lost in Puerto Rico. Our enthusiastic group assisted in research on litter frogs and lizards to support the idea that the standard population parameters are different between different forest stands and are related to the slopes. In addition, we discovered a lot of tropical invertebrates (which I loved most) like scorpions, pseudoscorpions, myriapods, diplopods etc. The research will contribute to the development of sustainable tropical forestry and restoration of primary forests considering the biodiversity issues. And at the end of the day we went to a local town to dance all the Latino dances, which was cool.



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