Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 15: No soup for you!

Today's blogger: Kris Mihashiro. 

With Megan, our herpetologist in training on the mend from a bruised knee cap, we took a break from identifying lizards and were led by Patty (View photo) into the forest to scour the hillsides for mushrooms. (View photo) And no, we aren’t making soup for supper tonight! Before research can be done to indicate whether climate change is affecting the growth of the fungi it is necessary to identify the species in the area. It was our job to collect as many fungi samples as we could and bring them back to the homestead for identification. Each group brought back many different samples but a MASSIVE discovery was made! We captured on film, the biggest mushroom ever identified on the island. (View photo) Once back home, we viewed our samples under the microscope (View photo) and raked through multiple fungi books in an effort to identify our treasure.



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