Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 17: A rainy (and muddy) day

Today's blogger: Tiago Borges 

 I must admit it wasn't easy to get back to work after having an amazing day off yesterday,  it was even harder when we realized that a rainy and muddy day was ahead of us. Actually, when I heard the news that the Earthwatch expedition would take place in the Puerto Rico's RAINforests, I immediately prepared my rain jacket, which I hadn't worn until today. Well, the weather changed, and today we all had our share of rain (and what a share!) It started early in the morning, stopped for a few hours and started again while we were in the field. At least it wasn’t a tropical storm or a hurricane, and luckily everyone was prepared and quickly put on their rain gear, including me. Eventually we were able to carry on our task of the day, which consisted in counting anoles (lizards) and helping Norman (Las Casas de la Selva's Herpetologist) repair research plots that had been destroyed by the rain. When we finished our work, we went back to the homestead and as soon as we arrived we got rid of our soaked and muddy clothes and a warm bath made everybody feel better and relaxed. Tomorrow is our last day in the field and I'm sure everyone will definitely miss this friendly environment.