Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 18: Final day in the field

Today's blogger: Pierre Lussier

Today was the last day for the Puerto Rico Earthwatch team. We had a choice of two groups. One with Norman repairing damaged forest plots for his Anole (lizard) study and another with Patty to help her with her fungi study. Eight poeple went with Norman, and four of us, went with Patty while Ruslan stayed at Las Casas to complete a summary of his antology observation. I went with Patty. We took a beautiful path along the stream, going upstream. We did not have much luck finding the mushrooms, but we did not care, even when we got lost. The journey is what counts, not the amount of mushrooms. And what a beautiful journey it has been. Not so much for the studies, but with the people. I was afraid of being among strangers for 10 days, but our group blended beautifully. Everybody took care not only of themselves but of each other, reaching into the past and dusting our individual lives with a sense of forgotten community. We will all miss Las Casas and their masters, 3T and Andres. But if we want to be back, we know the path now: upstream.



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