Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 10: Boots on the ground

Group photo 

Imagine a world where people from 7 countries come together for the same goal: SUSTAINABILITY! This is the life we discovered on our first day at Alcoa Earthwatch Expedition in Puerto Rico's Rainforest. We were anxious and enthusiastic about meeting the volunteers at Las Casas de la Selva expedition headquarters. It took us about one hour to arrive at the homestead, but I can assure you that never in our lifetimes one hour took us so much time! The forest and mountains are unlike anything we’ve ever seen! We were astonished! Andres and Thrity, local residents, welcomed us. They explained the goal of project and led us on a tour of the grounds. Then, a delicious meal of Burritos for dinner! We loved it! Finally, we did our best to fall asleep surrounded by the near deafening sounds of coqui frogs! That was just the first day but if we really want a sustainable world, it's up to us. That's what we’re about now! Learn about the project at www.eyeontheforest.com.

Mauro Salles

Today's post by Mauro Salles.