Puerto Rico's Rainforest

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June 11th – Our first day in the field, counting Mahoe trees


Mahoe_Leaf Mahoe_trunkWe woke up early this morning to have breakfast while listening to Norman give us our Earthwatch safety briefing. Twenty-two years ago close to 3500 Mahoe trees were planted. Our adventure today was to count the Mahoe trees on various plots. 3t, the lead scientist, taught us how to recognize the trees we were supposed to flag and count and quizzed us continuously until we got to the plots. It was really difficult to know the difference at first, but I think we all got the hang of it pretty quickly. We counted a mass total of 525 trees. What I found really interesting was  Goatthat most people take their dog for a walk but we had a goat. A funny little fellow named after an original Puerto Rican God named Yuyuki.



Today's blogger: Helgi Laxdal

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