Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 25: Samples and close encounters

 Today's blogger: Tatiana Yuzhakova

P1210596  Today we collected the water samples from another water reservoir called Sous and streams leading into it. This area is very popular for recreation during summer and winter for locals and folks from around the region. During our work in the field we encountered dozens of bicyclers, hikers, and skaters. Our last working stop was at Protrzena Prehrada dam which is now an historical monument to mark the 1916 dam collapse tragedy. The water rushed through the local village killing 62 people. This  P1210576  afternoon we met a forest engineer named Peter, who made a presentation about forest degradation during the last several decades. In addition, he spoke about past and current programs of forest preservation of Jizerske mountain region. After his report, we had a long debate about sustainable development and environmental issues in USA, Hungary, and Russia. Dr. Josef Krecek has been very nice to us, and tomorrow he has organized a barbeque party. We are very excited!