Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 26: Bedrichov is the place to be!

Today's blogger: Shawn Kerr

Sorting_grass  After breakfast today, the team began analyzing grass samples that were collected earlier in the week. Our task was to separate the (pieces of) grass into species groups. It seems to be a tedious job, but we know this job is invaluable in the field of forest ecosystem management. After 20 bags of various types of grasses, we now have a good understanding of the various levels of growth in different parts of the same forest based on moisture and altitude. The biomass will now be dried for at least 24 hours and measured for leaf area on Sunday or Monday. Due to team  Sightseeing  efficiency, we were given a bit of time to explore the village of Bedrichov after our lunch at the Devil’s Stove restaurant. As we walked through the village, the team was taken in by the beautiful church that overlooks the rest of the community. We were also able to visit the adjoining cemetery that contains burial plots from centuries ago.  Church  Then we visited Karlovka tower above the village for a spectacular view of the entire valley. As we walked through the village, it was apparent that the community was steadily preparing for the upcoming tourist season. Already we were able to observe countless hikers and bicyclists throughout the village. As a celebration of our hard work this week, Josef Krecek arranged for us to have a barbecue outside of our pension. We Tower_straight   sat around the fire roasting sausage over the open flame while discussing the work that we had already completed as well as what lies ahead for  Barbecue  next week.