Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 28: A day of tree hugging.


 Today's blogger: Tatiana Yuzhakova

Tatiana_the_Treehugger  Time flies quickly and one week of our expedition is already gone. Today we returned to Oldrichov, the first area that we studied after arriving. We were divided into two groups. The first team took water samples from the streams and measure pH and moisture of soil. There was no rain during last week (which we did not mind during our work), and it is interesting how the pH value is reflecting the dry environment. The second team did the forest inventory on three different spots which took us all day to complete. The trees were numbered and monitored for several years. We measured 150 beech trees, that we are so proud of. We know now how to measure the height of  Field_notes  tree, diameter, resistance of conductive layer of a tree, green canopy density, and how to take a wood sample for determination of tree age. Jiri, another graduate student of Dr Josef Krecek joined us for work in the field for a few days. He is collecting data for his diploma work which he will accomplish during the next academic year. His diploma work deals with climate change and how it may influence the growing biomass of trees. On our way back we stopped at small town called  Tree_aging  Frydlant to have ice-cream. Near Frýdlant, there are two historical attractions – a medieval castle and a Renaissance chateau. The castle was built in the 13th century on a strategic place in order to protect the crossroad of trade routes. We admired the view of the castle from the bus window while passing through. We had a wonderful meal prepared by Milada at Certova Hut, “Devil’s Oven.” Then we listened to Alan Fortescue talk about the Earthwatch environmental research projects around the world. After a long day, there may be enough time to watch football before going to bed.


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I think it is wonderful that Alcoa play a roll in Earthwatch. And that as a team we all can make this a better and safer place. So let's keep the environment clean and looking good. Thanks so much. From Ray at Alcoa in Eastman,GA.

Ray Fluellen | Posted Tue 29 Jun 2010 8:01AM