Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 29: Haven't we been here before?


 Today's blogger: Shawn Kerr

P1210761  It occurred to us today that there will be only two more days in the field after today! It has gone more quickly than any of us would have imagined. We have been busy learning the ins and outs of field data collection. At the same time, we’ve all attempted to learn about the Czech culture and to speak some of the language. We’ve put a great deal of smiles on the local Czech’s faces while trying to communicate with our pension house mother (Zdna), our driver (Dobroslav), local storekeepers, and  P1210738  

area restaurateurs. In other news, we went back to a mountain that we last visited on Tuesday. This time, we were gathering data on the growth of trees in predetermined spots on the mountain. The information we gathered today will be used to compare the ground cover, tree growth, and the canopy density from years past. Today was the warmest day in the field that we have experienced. It has been unusually dry for this area of Bohemia. Typically, this is the wettest area in all of the Czech Republic. In fact, it hasn’t rained since we arrived here in the Jizera Mountains. The warm, dry weather has certainly brought 

DSC01011  out the locals and visitors alike. The work today was made exponentially difficult by the addition of rabid flies and mosquitoes. Okay, maybe they weren’t rabid, but they attacked us relentlessly. We felt like “Pig-pen” from the Peanuts cartoon with our cloud of flying insects following our every move. However, our diligence prevailed!!!! Because of the rough work today, we are postponing our data entry until tomorrow. Whew!