Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 30: Saying Goodbye to Jizerska


Today's blogger: Hajnalka Rusko

Inside_dam  We completed our research mission and finished the field work in the pine forest and at the streams at Jusefúv Dúl. We hope that our work makes an impact on preserving this beautiful area and helps others to understand the pattern of climate change affecting the ecosystem of the Jizera Mountains. We had the chance to visit the dam at the water reservoir in Jusefúv Dúl. We went down 35m, the depth of the water. The temperature was around 6 degrees C, just corresponding to the water’s temperature.  It was really interesting to discover this construction holding up such a huge amount of water to prevent the inhabited areas from flood. In the afternoon we went back to Liberec town for a short walk and said goodbye to the student, Jiri, who returned to Prague with the tree samples for his thesis. After a nice dinner, a fascinating conversation took place. What would your answer be to the following question? Are you a bio-centric, eco-centric or anthro-centric person?



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