Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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July 1: Our last day in Bedrichov


Today's blogger: Tatiana Yuzhakova

Today is our last day in Bedrichov. We have had a great time here. We are very grateful to our project leader Dr Jozsef Krecek, who has made this expedition an unforgettable experience that we’ll remember for our whole life.  P1050456  During our stay, we had the opportunity to explore the Jizerska Mountain region and visit its villages and cites. After a delicious breakfast, we analyzed the collected data of the forest streams, the forest inventory and the soil. We have  P1050477  been looking forward to visiting a glass factory that produces Christmas ornaments since Josef mentioned it last week. Today, we went to the town of Jablonec to tour the workshop. The twenty employees work hard from February to October to make beautiful Christmas tree decorations which are sent and sold all over the world. The decorations are hand blown from glass and painstakingly hand-painted. We also had the chance to make a ball by ourselves! We are sad to pack, but we still have a day with the team in Prague! Church