Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 19: Arrival in Prague



Today's blogger: Shawn Kerr

 When the sun came up today (well, it didn’t so much come up as mope around until noon), it signaled the date all of the Fellows have been waiting for over the last couple of months. This was the day that we were going to meet the crew that we would work with for two weeks in the field. But, before we met, each Alcoa Fellow arrived in the amazing city of Prague through different means. Tania arrived by train for her 500km trek from Hungary. Shawn from Tennessee and Hajni from Hungary both arrived by plane, albeit drastically different flight lengths. Nonetheless, we all arrived to a wonderful destination that simply exceeded expectations. The Fellows all did a little exploring of the winding cobblestone streets to find a never ending supply of architectural exquisiteness! Street after street was lined with ornate shops and restaurants to meet anyone’s tastes. The city of Prague is almost indescribable. It is an experience that must be done first person. There is no description or photograph that will do this incredible city justice. The actual meeting took place at a Charles University hostel where we were to stay 
 Team  until our departure for the field on Sunday, June 20. Our team was now assembled and ready to tackle the city. First stop – dinner at a wonderful restaurant where we all enjoyed a traditional stewed beef with rice. Second stop – a concert of Ave Maria at St. Francis Church just off the Charles Bridge. We were given the royal treatment with sounds from heaven and a back stage/alter view of the Church and the massive  Church  organ that boasts of once being an instrument that Mozart used for composition. After a long day of restless travel and city walking, we headed off to our dorm-style rooms to get a little shuteye before our true adventure in the field begins.