Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 20: Czech Paradise

Team  Today we left Prague and headed out to Český Ráj. This was written on the map board for location when we stopped and tried to locate ourselves. Do you know the translation for it? "Czech Paradise." And it really feels like we are in paradise. It is an amazing landscape with small country houses that are surrounded with green forest areas. It’s harmony here. On the way we visited the Castle Státní hrad Frýdštejn. Must have been difficult to attack, it was so high and had such a wide view of the surrounding territory. In the afternoon we arrived at the sweetest chateau in Bedrichov. The chateau is a 200 year-old former farm house that is now a lovely pension for summer and  Castle  winter. Our rooms smell of fresh pinewood from which it is made. The village is small with 300 inhabitants hidden in the mountains. The whole team is happy to stay here for the next two weeks. We had our first dinner in a tiny local restaurant. It is well worth a mention of the Czech cuisine, because it is very impressive, though it has nothing to do with dieting. Soup is a must and quite fulfilling. Second dish is a huge portion of meat with dumplings. The honey-cake is irresistible. Shawn is taking  Pension  pictures of all dishes to show them at home and prepare the same in the US. Or maybe he just wants to make an online cook book?! First night we started with introductions. Besides our fellows we also got to know Becherovka, the most famous Czech drink. Its supposed to be a medicine… we will see how we feel in the morning. Tomorrow begins our field research! Dobrou noc!


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