Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 21: A beautiful land, "devastated by acid rain."

Today's blogger: Tatiana Yuzhakova

 Today was the first time in the field. We have done a lot of tasks and had a lot of fun. Samples of rain water, spring streams and sediment were collected for analysis. 
DSC00600  Some data such as temperature, oxygen concentration of spring water, soil moisture and acidity were measured at the field and remaining parameters (e.g. conductivity, ion concentration, sediment particle distribution) will be done at laboratories in Prague. The natural acidity (pH≥5.6) of soil and surface water is modified by acidic rain. Air pollution gases such as nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide and water generate acidic rain (pH ≤5.6) which created  P1210508  ecological devastation in the Jizera Mountains in the Czech Republic where our team is carrying out monitoring. Shawn and Alan, our Earthwatch representative, worked very hard to clean up a water catchment and took some sediment samples. The volume of sediment in the water catchment can give information how much soil is lost with runoff water from watershed and also can bring information about erosion level of the area. Today’s work showed that over 0.6 cubic meters of soil had eroded over last three weeks in a stream where we are working. We were also looking for fish species but for today we could not see any of them in monitored streams. Hopefully we will be more lucky in the future to see them. The afternoon program was to upload collected data to database. At the end of the day we again had a wonderful dinner at the local restaurant nicknamed the “Devil’s Stove.”  

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