Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 22: Once upon a bog


 Today's blogger: Hajnalka Rusko


 Our objective today was to investigate the environmental impact of acid rain, taking water, soil, and rain measurements. As we trekked up the mountainside, we stopped at various stations to take samples of soil and water. When we reached the top, we went down the other side and collected data from a total of 20 locations. The locations were differentiated by altitude, and varied greatly in terms of the height of the grasses, plants, and amount of ground water. In some locations our shoes sunk deep into the mud. At one point Shawn took a wrong step and found himself up to  Samplinghis knees in mud. Each of the fellows gained valuable field experience by using instruments for collecting soil samples, measuring pH value, measuring moisture content of the soil and measurement of the fog and cloud moisture. After a quick meal we headed to the lab to analyze the samples we collected from the field. After a long day of work, we are ready to hit the sack, get up tomorrow, and start our adventure again.

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