Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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June 23: To fish or not to fish?

 Today's blogger: Hajnalka Rusko

Lake_group  We enjoyed the sunshine today while discovering streams in the forest. Our group was split in two today for multitasking. One group went to the lake to monitor the zooplankton of a drinking water reservoir of Liberec. Of course we followed our common measurement process, noting pH, temperature, oxygen content at different levels from surface to the bottom at 35 meters. The other group did their research in  Tree_group  a stand of trees. Our duty was to measure electric resistance in conductive layers of tree stems. Actually we measured 60 trees. Our project leader, Josef, explained that low resistance means better conductivity, more nutrition and better quality of the tree. Today was the first time we saw fish in the stream. There is only one type of fish in this region, brook chad, that can resist the relative high acidity of the water. In the afternoon, we went to the nearby city of Liberec. We had a graduate student Vlastik from Czech Technical University who joined us for the last three days to gain data for his research to present at his upcoming state exam. Still we have work to do, but first we’ll enjoy the sweet dumplings for dinner, than back to the lab for further analysis of today’s data collection.