Mountain Waters of Czech Republic June 19 - July 3

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July 2-3: Last Call


Today's blogger: Shawn Kerr

DSC01129  The end has come. The Jizera Mountains has been our home for two wonderful weeks. Although we were all excited to head home to see our family and friends, there was part of us that will truly miss the camaraderie of our new group of friends that came together through Earthwatch. In addition, each of the fellows are leaving northern Bohemia with invaluable experience that we are eager to take home to our communities. After arriving back in Prague on Thursday evening, we were tired and ready to rest. The expedition group did some sightseeing on Friday before meeting with Josef Krecek, our gracious host, for a final dinner party. We all came together again just outside the St. Francis Church where we watched a performance of Ave Maria on our first night together. Josef then led us through the city on a mini tour of several science history sights before arriving  DSC01144  at a beautiful little restaurant on the northwest side of the city. Dinner was excellent and included a fabulous trio of soup, entrée, and dessert. Before finishing dinner, Josef made each of the expedition participants draw paper scraps from a dish. On each slip was a question that we each had to answer. It was a great way for us to recall many of the things that we learned about on our journey. After dinner we took a stroll down by the waterfront looking at other city happenings. The evening concluded with Josef and his daughter, Camilla, putting us on a tram that led back to Charles University where we would all spend our last night. It was tough to say goodbye to our new friends and colleagues. Shawn and Hajni headed off to the airport at 7am to catch their flights while Tatiana skipped off to the train station to catch her ride home to Hungary. As we parted ways, we were all thinking just how grateful we were for the opportunity that the Alcoa Foundation and Earthwatch had given us. Thank you!