Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 15: Statistics and Expertise


Today's blogger: Claude Poudrier

P7150227  The main purpose of the day was finalizing our visit to the field yesterday. For the first step we sorted our samples from the Jizera Mountains into categories: fine grass, main grass, mosses and litters from our samples. After we selected the categories, we weighed the different samples on  a balance scale. Also, the samples were wrapped in bags which had been dried in an oven to a temperature of 60ºF. Following this exercise, the data will be collated and the statistics will be used for showing the changes for each category in the field. Because we were so dedicated to the work, we finished earlier that we had expected. So, we had time to visit the church in the village and take a picture in front of the local tourist sign. Finally, I did my presentation in the evening. That was about my expertise in environmental education, based on the action research model. I have shown the film "Homebuilders" to other Earthwatchers. They seemed to appreciate it.  DSCF4479

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