Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 17: Gone with the Wind and Rain


 Today's blogger: Svetlana Krivopalova

IMG_4790  Weather can be changed in the Jizerske mountains where we live very quickly. Sun can change to wind and wind can change to rain. Sun, wind, rain - nothing can stop us from going to the field to work. Today we went to the Oldrichov forests accompanied by rain. In the forests we were divided into two groups. The first group did measurements of beech and spruce trees. We measured height, temperature, resistance, rating and circumference. And all of this will help to determine how healthy trees are. The second group dug soil profiles for sampling and installing moisture probes. They also did sampling of three streams within the area. On the way home our kind professor Josef also showed us the Polish border where we could see power stations. After field work we did our traditional laboratory work making calculations determining tree heights, weighing grass samples and analyzing water samples. Tonight we shared traditional Czech barbecue and smoked  P7150235  potatoes, and also Spanish Sangria. Of course, our barbecue was accompanied by rain and thunderstorms. During the storms our Spanish colleague Marta showed us her presentation about her profession, volunteering actions in the Asturian (city in the North of Spain) region. That was very impressive because that part of Spain was completely unknown to the team and Marta opened our eyes to that city and their culture. We appreciate the variety of tasks and participants that we have here.