Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 18: Recreation


Today´s blogger: Belén Carro

DSCF4530  Our free day woke us up immersed in a thick fog and raining. In this atmosphere, the minibus carried us to our first visit: Frýdlant, a wonderful castle with many furnished rooms where we were moved to the XIII century. This great castle emerges from the granite rocks above the Smedá River. From here, Dobroslav (our driver and man for logistic support) drove to the Bazilika Navstívení Panny Marie (The visit of Virgin Marie). It was built to shelter the wood image of the Virgin that one man carved in her honor. She had appeared to announce the recuperation of his ill wife. The  DSCF0393  

image is supposed to be miraculous. The next visit was also related to recuperations. We stopped to drink water from a fountain that is good for mental illness. Here we were offered by Josef a cup of tea with typical Czech Oplatky (spa wafer). These were first made in the town founded by the king of Bohemia and the Emperor Charles IV, famous for its medicinal springs- Carls Bad. We all found them delicious. After this break we spent the afternoon in Liberec, most of us visiting the small zoo, where we enjoyed with the lovely animals. Before our free day finished, we tasted once more a typical Czech dinner. And to conclude, it was my turn to briefly present to my friends the object of my current biology research. Good night! 



Hi, we are Belen's family. It's great that you have recreation because you are working hard, with rain, are brave volunteers, we are proud of you, and specially our Belén. This blog is fabulous because we can see your progress helping Earth and that you seem so happy too. We are very happy to see you so well and that you are learning a lot!!! ENJOY IT, WE LOVE YOU AND MISS U !!!!

Raquel | Posted Tue 20 Jul 2010 8:26AM

Hi family! How makes me it happy to read your words!! Everybody say thanks!!! Now we are finishing our wonderful job here and I am going to be with you all in few days. I have lot of things to tell you and tonnes of photos! I miss you and love you too. Kisses,

Belén Carro Espada | Posted Wed 21 Jul 2010 3:31PM