Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 19: Working on Jizera Mountain


Today's blogger: Marta Herrero Blanco

P7190409The good weather has accompanied us today to the Jizera Mountain again. No worries about the alarm clock sounding at about 7:00 am, because we are really enjoying the experience day by day. We reached "our mountain" and were divided again in two teams. My team was working with Dr. Josef Krecek at a water reservoir of the area. It was constructed in the 19th century to supply water for an old glass factory (today just the remains of the stone walls can be seen). Now, this reservoir is one of the points we are monitoring, and some work needed to be done. We cemented the outlet area where the measurement sensors have been mounted. After this, we also moved stones in order to create a good support for the dam wall. It was nice to see the work finished. While the other group was finishing its work, we hiked to the upper part of the mountain, to set up another pillar for  P7190425  a future station for measurement of the soil. The view from that point is fantastic. The second group did inventory of a spruce area close to our reservoir. They measured height, diameter of the canopy, and health of more than two hundred trees! After the work, we enjoyed some refreshments in the terrace of one of the nice wood houses of the area. Thelma will give us a presentation today about the project on which she is working, related to river recovery in Australia. I am sure this will be very interesting.