Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 21: Memorizing the Mountains


Today's blogger: Bridget Ure

DSCF4592  Today was our last day in the field. We are all trying to memorize the scenery, so we will never forget the beauty. There are some things cameras cannot capture. Our host Josef is very pleased with our performance; we have completed everything on his schedule for our expedition plus more. Today's two groups were allocated to tree health in reforested areas and weather station installation. My group, tree health, were rating the appearance of the trees, height and canopy measurements. The second group installed the second weather station at the top of Jizerka mountain. This station will measure rain, air temperature, air humidity and soil temperature and moisture. During this expedition we have all been able to participate in the different variety of tasks and feel we have a strong understanding of all these skills. 

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