Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 22: A Multicultural Team Effort


Today’s blogger: Thelma Crook

It’s our last day in the Jizera Mountains. Today we were fortunate to visit a glass factory and observe the ancient Czech craft of glassblowing. This factory produces many of the Christmas decorations we purchase back home. We were also able to make our own decoration by heating and blowing the glass. Some were more successful than others! From there we visited a glass museum. Glassmaking is a one of Bohemia’s greatest industries. For the past eleven days the team has worked in the field taking samples for water quality, measuring rainfall, monitoring vegetation health and density, constructing two weather stations and undertaking maintenance at one of the weirs.  Evenings have seen the team sample the water collected, measure the weight of grasses, mosses and litter and input the data into the computer. From Joseph Krecek and Yana we have learnt an incredible amount, both in the field and about the Jizera mountains project. One of this trip’s greatest learning experiences has been with the team. We met for the first time a day before we set off for our time in the mountains, but within a short time we knew and understood so much more about each other, everyone’s cultures and countries and how easy it can be to work together. From the Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Suriname, Canada and Australia has been a great team effort. Thanks Joseph, Dobroslav, Jana, Earthwatch and Alcoa! 


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I miss you all!

Marta | Posted Tue 27 Jul 2010 8:47PM