Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 12: First Day in the Field


Today's blogger: Mohamed Jagga


 Hello everyone! Today was our first day in the field. We started our day at 8:00 am, with water monitoring, taking samples, measuring pH and oxygen and temperature. We measured 18 places. We had to climb over some rough ground to take the samples and write the results. The other group was responsible for measuring tree health, circumference, height, canopy density, and ground cover in a 30-square-meter area of a spruce and beech forest affected by acid rain. I like the crew. We are just two men and six women. We are staying in a nice farm and I like this place.    After a traditional Czech dinner, we discussed our impressions of our first day in the field, did the calculations, and put the data in the spreadsheets before retiring. We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the excursion together. 

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