Mountain Waters of Czech Republic July 10 - 24

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July 13: Forgot our raincoats!

Today's blogger: Bridge Ure

IMG_4527  Today we set out for our second field day. Our bus stopped at a lookout, where we could see the environmental damage in the Jizera Mountains. We were divided into two groups again. My group's job was taking measurements from rain gauges and then cleaning them, and also measuring soil moisture and soil pH. The second group were analysing vegetation by measuring the herbaceous canopy and taking vegetation and soil samples within a quadrant. We got rained out early and were unable to complete our sampling. Would you believe that the 3 Aussies were the only 

IMG_4535  ones who didn't bring raincoats?! The afternoon was spent sorting and categorizing through the different grasses collected by Group 2. Then another magnificent Czech meal. Today was a blueberry dumpling -- yes, this was main course! Finally we had our Spanish World Cup victory party, catered by Belen and Marta.


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I can't believe you had rain. We sweltered in Prague

Janet Jiricek | Posted Wed 14 Jul 2010 9:55PM