Tidal Forests of Kenya
Mangrove forests are among the most productive wetland ecosystems on Earth. These tropical coastal woodlands provide crucial habitat, protect coral reefs, and, as demonstrated by the tsunami of 2004, play most threatened habitats. The local people at Gazi, in the Kwale district a critical role in protecting tropical coastlines. They are also one of the of Kenya, are heavily dependent on the mangroves for economic stability and the degradation of the mangroves forests presents a threat to their survival.  Alcoa Volunteers Timothy Lees (Suralco, Suriname), Gustavo Maranes (Brussels, Belgium), Raymond Glover (Runcorn, UK) and Bronwyn Larner (Kwinana, Australia) will contribute to global efforts to restore dwindling mangrove forests and combat the effects of rising sea levels, as well as provide the first ever data on the use of mangrove forests as carbon sinks.
Expedition location: Gazi Bay, Kenya
Expedition date: July 25 – August 2, 2009

 Timothy Lees’ Diary
 Gustavo Maranes’ Diary
 Raymond Glover’s Diary
 Bronwyn Larner’s Diary

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Tidal Forests of Kenya

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