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June 5, 2009: Repairing a collection site

June 5 collection site repair bill russell I was planning on a run this morning, but rain against the window woke me up, so I slept in longer. Today we picked up a new student of Josef to replace Petr. His name is George (pronounced "Yuri") and he is studying for his bachelor’s degree. We went to the same site as Monday to repair the damaged collection site. The other half of the team went with George to do another tree study. Just prior to lunch, Josef took us to meet the forester of the area. He is responsible for a great deal of the publicly owned land, and discussions with him were interesting. We then went to a small isolated patch of a very rare and native fir tree growth. Half of the team stayed there to do a tree study. We went back to repair the collection site. 
For dinner this evening we had a traditional Slovakian meal. It consisted of pork, potato dumplings, and fat. The fat was very interesting. It was cut up into small pieces and was cooked to make it crunchy. It was served in some type of oil. After dinner, we came back home and were treated to a nice surprise. Today is Dobra’s Name Day. In the Czech Republic, you celebrate two different days for yourself, your birthday and your name day. When we got back home, the table was full of potato chips, prunes and olives and a bottle of Czech’s finest. After that, Rachel, Martha and Russ presented us with some of the research that they have been doing at school for the evening presentation.

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