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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 6, 2009: Forest sampling and the Book of Kells

June 6 collection site fixed bill dobra me rachel russell We spent today going out to a small reservoir for three separate activites. One team walked around the lake collecting stream samples, another group got into a boat and collected lake samples, and we went to a patch of forest to study tree vitality and density. Martha, Rachel and Misae were the group that went for stream samples, and they got slightly lost, for about a half an hour, but it all worked out in the end. There was a mountain bike race in town today, and we were driving on the same roads that they were racing on. I never got to see them, but others said that they were moving really fast. After this we had lunch at our normal dinner spot. They served spaghetti, which was good. Then we came home and did homework, including weighing the dry grass samples that we sorted a few days ago. The house we are staying at prepared a Saturday barbecue dinner for us. They planned it for outside around a firepit, but it was raining, so we ate indoors. They made us Kielbasa sausage. The presentation of the evening was by far the most interesting so far. Misae showed us a book that she has written. She went to Ireland and saw the Book Of Kells. It was written sometime around 600 A.D. by four monks. They rewrote the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and within that book, they included 22 pages of hand-drawn artwork. She has reproduced all of that art work herself. The even more amazing part is that she used the same materials as they did to produce the pigments and dyes. It took her 14 years and 6,000 hours. It was truly amazing.
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