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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 8, 2009: The dead forest

June 8 tree graveyard Back into the field we go! We picked up Petr, who is back from Prague, and went back to the Jizera Mountain site. This time we went to some marked areas for tree sampling. We marked off the areas and measured each tree that we found. We recorded species type, height, canopy diameter and trunk diameter. The area was previously one of the spots devastated by the acid rain die-off in the 1980’s. When the trees died, the foresters came through and took the timber before it rotted. There are still some dead trees standing and several on the ground rotting, along with a lot of stumps. The new growth is very promising, however, as some Norway spruce trees were over 5 meters tall. Dinner for the evening was cauliflower soup followed by Hungarian Goulash with rice. I gave the presentation for the evening, and I talked about the southern edge of Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes. My discussion revolved around land use by industry and housing and invasive species, and why I love the area so much.

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Ryan Tonk