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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 9, 2009: Dam failure

June 9 failed dam 7 Josef told us the weather forecast for the day was poor at best. We went out to the Sous Resevoir. One team was in a boat checking water samples, the other team set up a forest stand inspection, and Petr, Anastasia and I hiked all the way around the reservoir collecting stream samples as we went. We had some very good discussions along the way, and Anastasia found some mushrooms that we brought back with us. I hope that we can cook them and eat them. We then had a little free time, so Josef took us to the site of a failed dam from the early 1900s. It was one of the first major dam failures in Europe and was studied to build better dams in the future. 
The weather turned out to be the best so far. I actually got to walk around in shorts and a T shirt. It did storm for about 30 minutes in the afternoon, but we were done working and by dinner the sun was out again. I am hoping for a bad forecast tomorrow as well now! The dinner for the evening started off with tripe soup, which I was told is cow stomach. It was spicy and quite good. Then we had potato pancakes and a chicken/bean/salsa mix. It was Anastasia’s turn to present, and she showed us photos and explained to us about her home town of Samara, Russia. Of course, she also brought along some of Russia’s finest and some chocolates to share.

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