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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 10, 2009: Sampling from the reservoir

June 10 surveying trees 2 me anastasia russel josef Today we went to the Josef Dul reservoir for water samples from the boat. We were supposed to do this a week ago, but high winds kept us off of the lake. Cathy, Misae, Josef and I went out on the boat onto the reservoir and checked temperature and percent oxygen and took samples from several different depths. We had lunch and then dropped Petr off at the bus station so that he could head back to Prague. We will see him again on Friday for the good-bye dinner. We then went back to the collection site to check on our masonry repairs, and everything looked good. Dinner for the evening was a tomato and June 12 stream sampling petr me pasta soup and fish with potatoes. She also made the fruit dumplings again, but this time for desert. We had no presentation tonight. Instead we played some card games, and Anastasia taught us a Russian card game that was fun

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Ryan Tonk