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Mountain Waters of the Czech Republic

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June 12: Prague good-byes

May 30 castle and cathedral 2 I spent most of the day walking around the Old Town area of Prague and enjoying many of the small cafes in the square. We met Josef near a statue by the Charles Bridge for dinner and he took us to a nice restaurant where we had a private side room. The conversation for the evening was of course about all of the work that we have been doing. Josef has been studying this area for roughly 19 years. He has witnessed the die-off of many forest stands in the area. He has taken his studies of the trees, soil and streams to the Czech government and they have used this to help them form their environmental standards. He says now that the source of the acid rain from lignite (coal) fired electric power plants has reduced, but there are still other sources of pollution that plague the area. His data gathering will hopefully allow the Czech government to realize the affect that industrial pollution has on the environment and help to form future controls.

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Ryan Tonk